About SEEC

The Shirlington Employment and Education Center has been in Arlington since 2000. The aim of the Center is to provide workers who were previously on South four Mile Run Drive with an alternate venue to seek work. It is the first official worker center still in operation in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Center consists of two facilities, the main office and the pavillion. Employers are able to visit either to find a worker for jobs to be performed. Our staff can be found at both sites, ready and willing to facilitate the pairing of worker and employer.

In addition to facilitating employment for workers, we offer vocational, English and job-related courses. The goal of the courses is to build the skillset of the worker pool, facilitate the interaction between laborer and employer and persuade employers to return to SEEC when they are in need of an extra hand.

Make a Donation to SEEC

If you would like to support SEEC work please make a donation below through Paypal Below is a list of items by category that are accepted at SEEC. Monetary donations provided are also used for their purchase.

Tools and Clothing: Equipment for our Tool Bank, ie. hammers, hard hats, gloves, rakes, shovels, and other job-related equipment Clothing in any size for men that is seasonal related Blankets and heavy coats during the winter

On occassion, SEEC staff is reimbursed for costs that are made directly benefiting day laborers. Below is a list of items by category that are provided at cost to staff. Coffee Supplies:

SEEC staff is reimbursed for coffee, cups, plates, and spoons that are provided to day laborers each day at no cost

Medical Appointments SEEC staff refers several day laborers to dental clinics and emergency care and make non-refundable deposits to secure appointments for the workers that range in cost from $40.00 to $60.00.

A SEEC Thanksgiving dinner has been provided to the day laborers for the past three years. Shortly before Thanksgiving, donations for this event are welcomed.

Tutors provide English as a second language lessons to the daylaborers several times per week, at no cost to them. Donations are welcomed for books and for tutor related expenses.

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Latinas Business Development Conference to be hosted in
Arlington, Virginia on November 8, 2014

Shirlington Employment and Education Center will host a Latino Women’s Business Development Conference on Saturday, November 8th at the Arlington Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, 3507 Columbia Pike from 9:30 AM until 2:00 PM. Registration is FREE.

SEEC executive director Andres Tobar and Board Chair Leni Gonzalez announced that the purpose of the conference is “to identify up to 100 Latino women who are interested in or trying to starting their own business and to bring these Latinas resources and information to help them succeed. The presentations will be in Spanish. The Latinas who come to the conference or who contact SEEC will be invited to participate in a series of workshops that SEEC will provide in the months following the conference.”

SEEC is an affiliate of SER National and this initiative was funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation to promote Latina entrepreneurships.

For additional information write to seec.mujer@gmail.com or call 703 933-1101.

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GREEN Housecleaning Training Program

It was graduation day on May 19 at Arlington Presbyterian Church, for a group of women who completed the inaugural “green-cleaning” initiative sponsored by the Shirlington Employment and Education Center (SEEC).

The dozen or so participants spent five Saturdays learning about products that would allow them to clean homes while keeping themselves safe and contributing to a better environment.

“This is a great opportunity – a great new experience,” said Gloria Castellón, who was among those taking the course. “I recommend it for everybody.”

The course, which will be repeated throughout the year, is an opportunity to give local cleaning staffs a leg up on the competition while benefiting their own health, said SEEC executive director Andres Tobar.

“Most of them already have extensive experience in cleaning, but not in green cleaning,” Tobar said of those who took the inaugural course. The initiative also provided the participants, mostly immigrants, with additional English training, and future installments will focus on

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